Regions to reap benefits of events bid fund increase

Thursday 04 May 2017
Regions to reap benefits of events bid fund increase

The State Liberals will invest $40 million in the Events Bid Fund to attract more major events and conventions to South Australia, including to the regions.

If elected in 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will increase the Events Bid Fund from $7.5 million to $10 million in 2018/19 and extend that level of funding over the forward estimates.


The significant increase in funding will create jobs through increased economic activity whilst showcasing South Australia on the international stage.

As well as increasing overall funding, the State Liberals will also expand the Adelaide Convention Bureau's (ACB) mandate as at present the ACB is constrained and can only assist with convention bids to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre with over 500 delegates.

The State Liberals will give the ACB the freedom to help attract more conventions, dispersing tourists around not only Adelaide's CBD, but around the state and to the regions.

"South Australia's regions have top class venues that are capable of hosting more conventions", said Member for Goyder Steven Griffiths.

"By hosting more conventions across the State, we are ensuring more visitors are getting out to the regions and their experiences assist in selling South Australia to the world."

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said more major events and conventions means more jobs and more investment for South Australians.

"We will double the current Convention Bid Fund to $5 million a year as conventions have an excellent return on investment, generating $60 million in economic activity for every $1 million in the bid fund," said Mr. Marshall.

"The Convention Bid Fund has generated over $200 million in economic benefit. By doubling funding we want to double the economic benefit and potential job growth in South Australia.

"The Adelaide Convention Centre is a world-class precinct, but there's more to South Australia than just North Terrace.

"There are great venues all over South Australia that can host more conventions, dispersing tourists around Adelaide and regional South Australia.

"By increasing the number of major events and conventions in South Australia, we will bring in thousands more tourists, who by filling our bars, restaurants, hotels will deliver important tourism dollars to South Australia."