Local sport facilities: have your say

Monday 15 May 2017
Local sport facilities: have your say

Shadow Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing, Corey Wingard, is always out meeting with community clubs and sporting organisations and one consistent lament is the poor quality of facilities and a lack of money and resources to maintain and upgrade.

Is your club one of these? Take a 3 minute survey: http://www.sasportssurvey.com.au/


The Marshall Liberal Team is well aware that sporting clubs play a vital role in communities right across South Australia.

This fact is recognised in the SA Liberal Party's manifesto: 2036. If you haven't already read this document, download a copy at marshall2036.com.au

Section 8.0 is highlighted by a couple of key points:

8.1 Supporting our communities and grass roots organisations assisting them to build capacity and be sustainable.

8.3 Investing in the renewal of South Australia's cultural and sporting infrastructure

"I would appreciate it if you can take the 3 minute survey and share your thoughts on what improvements your club needs", invites Mr Wingard.

"Feel free to share this survey to let any other associated clubs and groups have their say.

"By letting me and the Marshall Liberal team know where improvements can be made in your local community it will enable us to shape our policy for the upcoming election in March 2018."