Libs Health policy good for Goyder

Friday 17 February 2017
Libs Health policy good for Goyder

I welcomed the release of the Marshall Liberal Government key health policy last week, believing its decentralisation message and emphasis on more local input into decision-making will be well received locally.

The three Health Advisory Councils within the Goyder electorate (Yorke Peninsula, Northern Yorke Peninsula, and Balaklava and Riverton Health), and our clinicians and communities, provide pivotal feedback into our local health needs and deserve to have a stronger say in the future direction of the State's health system.

This policy ensures local boards will be accountable for the delivery of services within their area of responsibility, including appointing and managing chief executives, controlling budgets and actively engaging with their communities and frontline professionals.

Our doctors, nurses and allied health staff work under great pressure, and this policy will mean they won't have more pressure improsed by a remote head office out of touch with local needs and challenges specific to regional areas.

Within its first 100 days, a Marshall Liberal Government has pledged to:

  • Move to establish governing boards for the existing three metropolitan health networks;
  • Consult on the boundaries of up to six regional health networks as the first step towards establishing their boards of management; and
  • Put legislation into the Parliament to underpin the new governance and accountability framework including Boards having the power to appoint a CEO and manage their own budgets

"During the past 10 years Labor has more than doubled SA Health's head office staff, growing four times faster than our nursing workforce, and still this excessive bureaucracy has resulted in budget blowouts and poor project management," said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall when announcing the policy.

"Putting real responsibility and accountability back onto these boards at the local level will provide strengthened oversight and improve patient safety," Mr. Marshall said.